CUHK-University of Melbourne

Academy for Young Leaders

(Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

27 – 28 July 2018

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The Academy

Your First Step to Success in an Academic Career

The Academy for Young Leaders is The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Melbourne’s joint effort to provide young clinical scientists the skills required to pursue an academic career. The first workshop, held in Hong Kong, was an immediate success. The next one, equally exciting will take place in Melbourne in 2018.

Programme Components:

1. Future Leader Workshop
Elite gastroenterologists and hepatologists from the organizing institutions will provide training and tips to help you enhance your skills on research methodology, publication and presentation.

2. Specialty-Based Research Workshop
You will be allocated to a Gastroenterology or Hepatology group. In here you will present your selected research. Afterwards, you will receive critical and constructive comments from the mentors on how to improve specific areas of your research.




Free round-trip ticket, 2-night hotel accommodation and registration


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Meet The Mentors
High-Status Experts 

Henry Chan, CUHK, Programme Director

Henry Chan

Programme Director
Michael Kamm, University of Melbourne, Programme Director

Michael Kamm

University of Melbourne
Programme Director
Siew Ng, CHUK, Programme Director

Siew Ng

Programme Director
Alex Thompson, University of Melbourne, Programme Director

Alex Thompson

University of Melbourne
Programme Director


Participation in the seminar is by-nomination. Program directors will invite up to 20 young academics from a number of universities across the Asia Pacific region to provide an extensive networking base for you. 

Each participant has to submit an abstract of a recently conducted clinical research work and an 8-minute PowerPoint presentation to the Academy beforehand.  You will discuss the materials in the Specialty-Based Research Workshop. 

The Alumni

The first workshop has brought together 18 future leaders from 14 different cities across the Asia Pacific region. The workshop is completed but the connection it created will be lasting. All participants are now Academy for Young Leaders alumni. They are entitled to special offers to a series of our future events which will help them stay connected and establish long-term collaboration. 

Date & Venue

24-25 MARCH 2018

Melbourne, Australia

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